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Monday, October 12, 2009

Top 10 Trends for Fall

1. Layers - think camis over long sleeves, fur vests over tees, skirts over leggings, dresses over jeans.
2. Animal Print - use as accents pieces or accessories, leopard, zebra in all shades. Think outside of the box with your colors, like red leopard vs. the traditional brown print.
3. Leather - whether faux or real it is THE trend for fall. Not just in shoes and boots, think skirts, shorts, and jackets. Pair it with a sweater or feminine blouse to soften the look.
4. Legwear - tight and leggings. Run wild with this trend! Accesorize those legs in a variety of lengths and patterns. The wilder the statement the more attention you'll draw!
5. Cardigans - not your typical June Cleaver look. This fall brings us traditional button downs as well as ruffled ones and even knee length ones. Pair either version with a belt over it at the waist for an even trendier look.
6. Skinny Jeans - continued trend from last year' aren't you gald that money didn't go to waste? Always pair with a looser top or long tunic to avoid looking like an underfed model or straight out of 1985.
7. Military - especially jackets - HUGE for fall. Worn with skinny jeans and heels = knock out! Worried about looking like Hitler? Soften the look with pearls and metal charm jewelry.
8. Feminine Accessories: pearls, ribbon, bows, and rosettes. Found on necklaces, headbands, tshirts, shoes. They are everywhere and so super easy to make to!
9. The 1940's: flapper dresses, long pearls, drop waistlines, tulle, full skirts with high waists, cardigans. this trend encompasses several of the above mentioned.
10. Neon - I know it sounds like a bad 80's nightmare, but it is totally do-able. Add it as an accent piece whether necklace, shoes, or purse, even eyeliner (hello Belinda Carlisle!). If you're bold enough wear it from head to toe!

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