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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Goodwill" hunting

I am loving scouting the thrift stores lately for things to alter. Today I went out to get a used comforter for the dogs and saw these cream heels and just knew I could totally make them sassy. Yes, I did get the comforter, but I am thrilled with the way the shoes were transformed with (once again) fabric, pearls, hole punch, and fabri-tac. I wanted them to have a vintage 1940's feel, shabby fabric/ribbon and all. Don't you just love them?!

The Before:

The During:

The After:


  1. You are so creative!! Cute Kel. And you totally could do those without the pearls and they would still be super cute. And couldn't you interchange the ribbon/fabric? What a great idea!!

  2. You are awesome once again!!!! What a great eye you have for stuff like that! I'm soooo looking forward to Wednesday!!! :)

  3. awww, you girls are too sweet. I am just addicted to glue!

  4. Love the shoes! Love that you mentioned Fabri Tac! Thanks so much for the shout out-your creativity rocks.
    Karen from Beacon Adhesives