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Saturday, January 15, 2011

How 1 became 2!

I picked up this turtleneck a while back at the local Goodwill, wasn't sure how I would repurpose it until today.  It hit me: I could make leg warmers and embellish a plain cardigan.  Here is the how-to:

For Leg Warmers:
Cut the sleeves off at the seams

I used elastic ruffle trim for the tops of the leg warmers.  Cut a straight line across where the sleeve was attached, to square off the top of the leg warmer.  This is where you will pin the elastic on,  the hem on the sleeve now becomes your ankle hem.

I measured below my knee and cut the elastic 2"shorter for a good tight fit. Pin elastic to the top and sew.

How fun are these??!!!

Leopard Leg Warmers

Plain cardigan re-do

Cut the remainder of the turtleneck into strips, width wise.  

Ruffle them using a basting stitch on a sewing machine, or gather by hand.

I gathered 5, and only used 4 of them.  Pin onto sweater then sew on with a zig-zag stitch.

Too cute! Can't wait to wear it with the leg warmers :)

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  1. You are sew craftsy. (hehe) (tap, tap, tap, is this microphone on???)