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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Antiques Galor Decor!

For my birthday this past weekend, my husband took me to Austin to do some antiquing. Did we hit the jackpot! We ventured 40 miles north to a darling town called Saledo. If you have never been there you must go! It is right off of I-35 as you head to or from Austin on the Dallas side. In Saledo we found the motherload of all vintage stained glass windows from Ireland. We had been scoping them out in Houston but they were just way too expensive down here. Glad we waited because we got 5 for quite a deal!

On our way back in to Austin we stopped at Round Rock where I got the most awesome old theater wardrobe trunk. It is too cool in person and it weighs a ton! It is stamped "Myrtle Lansing Theater", so we guess that is who it belonged to and long ago must have carried some actresses costumes. The original hangers and ironing board are still in it as are all the drawers and drawer pulls. I had just the perfect spot for it too, my dining room. What a great conversation piece!

I also picked up an old screen door, which my husband wasn't too sure about, but I turned it into a display of 2 of my original corset designs and 1 vintage corset from the 40's. LOVE how it turned out.

Back in May, we lucked out on vintage wine barrels from a Texas winery and a table for our Grotto. Now all we need is chairs...I feel a trip to Roundtop coming on.

Also in May we picked up these antique all wood windows, that must have come out of a church. We put one in the breakfast area and one down the hall.

While in Austin we picked up a couple small items and this old iron fence piece that looks fabulous over the guest bed!

I have the antique bug bad! Do you think "after-bite" will cure my itch?

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  1. Wow, you did hit the motherload! Everything looks great!