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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DIY "haute" winter hat

What will a $1.50 Walmart stocking hat, a flower, some feathers, ribbon, and a hot glue gun get you? A SUPER cute winter hat! I originally made them for Olivia but I couldn't resist sporting them too. This is an easy one girls and gets lots of compliments!

Monday, October 26, 2009

So Many Heights, What's For Me?

With boots all the rage this season, not one particular style stands out. Go to any shoe store and you will find a variety of boot styles. Let's break it down and figure out which one is for you:

Classic Boot (below or right at the knee): Great for jeans, dresses of all lengths, and pants.

Mid Calf Boot: best for short dresses and skirts.

Over the Knee (thigh high): this look can be extreme if not worn correctly. Wear with long cardigans, sweaters, scarves. Keep it loose on top in the form of feminine blouses to avoid looking like a hooker. Rule of thumb: fitted on bottom, loose on top or loose on bottom, more fitted up top. No Catwoman ladies!

Ankle Boot (booties): like your Grannie's, only much cuter! These boots look best with leggings, skinny jeans, and the boyfriend jean. They give an edge to any outfit and are a carryover trend from Springs gladiator sandals. Look for suede, leather, peep toe. Most of them will be embellished with heavy metal hardware, some I've seen with Victorian style lace-ups. For extra pizazz add ankle chains and bracelets.

Back from Cabo, back to business!

TOP 5 Shoe Trends for Fall:

1. Heavy Hardware as embellishments - lots of metal accents, grommets, studs, buckles. Very Joan Jett!

2. Platforms - especially extreme platforms with very high heels and peep toes. They make your legs look super long too, bonus!

3. Animal Skins - not just leopard and zebra, snake and alligator too.

4. Flats - jeweled, embellished, sequin, suede, plain, etc....

5. Boots - all lengths: over the knee, knee high, and the big one for fall: booties! Will post on just the boot trend for fall shortly.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkins Galore!

As if modge-podging the pumpkins wasn't enough, I got the "mini fashionista" and her little brother into decorating them as well. Olivia and Nicholas were quite proud of their creations, Mom was too. I even added another one to my collection.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Mod Podge, my best friend!

I'll admit it...I would mod podge my walls if my husband would let me! Why not mod podge a craft pumpkin then? Cute and simple and cheap, my kinda decor. Even the husband liked it. Now, what to do for christmas decor.....

So I totally fell in love with a shoe I saw in InStyle magazine like this for $100 and instantly thought; "I can make that for under $20." Here is the final outcome. Nothing feels better than sporting something crafted from your own hands. All it took was some plain black shoes, pearls, ribbon, a hole punch, and rhinestones from the craft store.

Top 10 Trends for Fall

1. Layers - think camis over long sleeves, fur vests over tees, skirts over leggings, dresses over jeans.
2. Animal Print - use as accents pieces or accessories, leopard, zebra in all shades. Think outside of the box with your colors, like red leopard vs. the traditional brown print.
3. Leather - whether faux or real it is THE trend for fall. Not just in shoes and boots, think skirts, shorts, and jackets. Pair it with a sweater or feminine blouse to soften the look.
4. Legwear - tight and leggings. Run wild with this trend! Accesorize those legs in a variety of lengths and patterns. The wilder the statement the more attention you'll draw!
5. Cardigans - not your typical June Cleaver look. This fall brings us traditional button downs as well as ruffled ones and even knee length ones. Pair either version with a belt over it at the waist for an even trendier look.
6. Skinny Jeans - continued trend from last year' aren't you gald that money didn't go to waste? Always pair with a looser top or long tunic to avoid looking like an underfed model or straight out of 1985.
7. Military - especially jackets - HUGE for fall. Worn with skinny jeans and heels = knock out! Worried about looking like Hitler? Soften the look with pearls and metal charm jewelry.
8. Feminine Accessories: pearls, ribbon, bows, and rosettes. Found on necklaces, headbands, tshirts, shoes. They are everywhere and so super easy to make to!
9. The 1940's: flapper dresses, long pearls, drop waistlines, tulle, full skirts with high waists, cardigans. this trend encompasses several of the above mentioned.
10. Neon - I know it sounds like a bad 80's nightmare, but it is totally do-able. Add it as an accent piece whether necklace, shoes, or purse, even eyeliner (hello Belinda Carlisle!). If you're bold enough wear it from head to toe!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bear With Me I broke down and started a blog. Now, I can't promise that it will always be updated, but I will try. I hope this blog shows how to make the trends on the cheap for all you fashionistas, whether it be for your house or your self. I also hope to be posting a guide to the season's latest trends. Stay tuned......