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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fall Obsessions Part I

I've finally been catching up on my "research" aka reading all the latest magazines and I must say there are some fabulous items out there for this Fall.  Here are some of my favorites...and yes, a couple of them already have a home in my closet..thanks to places like Forever21 and Zara, where you can find the latest and greatest without breaking the husband's wallet.

Of COURSE, leopard print would be's my favorite color.  Loving it in the denim department: jackets, and skinny jeans...oh my!

RED jeans: yes, i admit, at first I was a little hesitant being from the 80's and all, but they are my new "denim" staple.

I LOVE this shoe....the brain is on overtime figuring out how to DIY it.

Overalls, not just for farm girls anymore. How cute are they with the lace vest?!!  

3 of my favs on one page: demin vest, ruffled oxford, and boyfriend blazer...bliss!!!

Many thanks to Seventeen magazine for most of the above pics.  Yep, I read it and I'm twice it's age. No shame.