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Monday, May 17, 2010

Sizzlin' Summer Trends, the good, the bad, and the WAY ugly!

Hello Fashionistas!!! Let's start with the "good" first and work our way to the bad and WAY ugly part, shall we?

The "Good"

Maxi Dresses - hot, hot, hot right now ladies! Can't go wrong with them at all. Just don't pair them with any type of heeled shoe; flats only!

Metallics - channel your inner Cleopatra and mix shades of gold, silver, bronze, and cooper! If the idea of these colors in fabrics on your body frighten then stick with accessories in these tones. Lots of great jewelry and sandals are available in all price ranges. Let me give my "shout out" to Target and Forever 21 for us frugal fashionistas!

Nude - the color ladies, not the birthday suit! This is a hot color trend, seen most recently on the Red Carpets of the Golden Globes and Oscars. You can bring it into your closet via shades of peach, brown, khaki, taupe, and even pale gold. Nude blouse or tank with khaki bottoms accented with leopard accessories=hot!

Ditzy Florals - those tiny, almost, Little House On the Prairie florals. This is a super girly look that needs to be toughened up with denim and motorcycle or cowboy boots to avoid looking to Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Tribal Prints - the current obsession of the runways. Find these prints on everything! Super haute on maxi dresses and skirts.

Rompers - aka jumpsuits. Avoid looking like the 80's by accessorizing with big, bold necklaces and woven leather belts. Wear with sandals to avoid the ever pressing "call-girl-wannabe" look.

Pale Grey - it's the new "black" for summer. This color is feminine and subtle with a touch of seriousness. Wear it with pastels or even white for a really striking look.

Ruffles - you girls know how I LOVE my ruffles! This trend is still smoking hot from Fall 2009. Ruffles are every girls best friend! Use them to play up a small chest, conceal a fuller tummy, or draw attention from an hourglass figure.

Denim - the fabric that keeps on giving. Denim is no longer just for Fall ladies. Softer, lighter versions were covering the runways this spring in the form of rompers, dresses, jackets, and blouses. Invest in a denim button down shirt to wear with shorts or even girly skirts. The boyfriend capri jean is still trendy and has evolved into the boyfriend cuffed short. To jazz up the shorts, so you won't feel like you should be marooned on Gilligan's Island with Ginger, wear them with a blazer and cute heels.

Shoes - wedges/espadrilles
flats/ sandals

Fedora Hats - not just for the fellas anymore! Super cute with ditzy floral dresses or denim shorts.

The "Bad"

Suspenders - really?! Do I need to clarify this? This is a no-no ladies! Leave these to the circus clowns.

Midriff Shirts - Oy! I know they are now to be worn over a tank, but please ladies, don't go here! It is NO BUENO and only leaves people wondering when your next "Fame" audition is.

The "Way Ugly"

Acid Wash - every fashion mavens trend return nightmare! This is a no-no unless you are still under 18. If you wore it once in your life already, remember, once is enough don't attempt it again. Yes, it was bad when I was 10 and I have the pics to prove it, and it is STILL bad today!! If you like the return of this 80's phenomenon, approach it mildly by investing a distressed denim, not an all out bleached denim.

Happy Summer Ladies! And remember as Mark Twain said: "Clothing makes the man. A naked individual rarely influences people."