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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall 2010 - Shop Your Closet!

Good news fellow fashionistas: this Fall is all about shopping your closet from last season and last Fall. Are you as excited as I am?!! Fall 2010 is all about mixing textures and prints as well as taking masculine styles and making them more feminine. Here are the top trends and how to shop your closet/or DIY them:

Military - make it "new" by adding leopard or lace pieces. Army green is a huge color for fall, but it can look too manly if not done right. Look for softer military inspired jackets with ruffles or lace trim on them. Forever 21/Twelve by Twelve and Target both have cute military jackets online. Head to the thrift store and DIY a vintage army jacket by adding lace or ribbon - get creative!

Animal Print - ya'll know how much I LOVE my animal print! I can't get enough of it and neither can major fashion designers this season. It is THE "go to" accent piece for Fall. Accessorize with shoes, belts, handbags for a minimalist approach. If your are more bold, try a dress or skirt or cardigan for an all over look, but if you do this, don't wear matching shoes and a purse - way to Cher 1986! DIY: make a flower pin out of animal print fabric and pin it on a cardigan or blouse.

Gray: the new black. It goes with everything. Soften an all black outfit by accessorizing with grey shoes or boots, or even pewter pearls. Try it on your nails and eyes too.

Camel: another hot color for Fall, mainly in coats and sweaters. Looks great with red and chocolate brown and of course leopard! Also makes a great eye shadow color for creating a smoky brown eye.

Plaid: gotta admit, not a look I can pull off, but it is cute on others. Love the look of pairing plaid flannels with jeggings or faux leather; a very boy meets girl preppy look. Think of Glee as a big inspiration for this trend. Make an old plaid skirt not so school girl by putting it with a faux leather vest or jacket or cowboy boots.

Chunky Sweaters/Cable Knits: another Glee inspired trend. Add a belt to make them more feminine and not so boxy. Cute with leggings and boots. Avoid them with the plaid skirt...way to 90's Clueless. Sweaters not for you? Try a beret or hat or scarf made out of the chunky knit. Invade Granny's closet...i bet she will have some classic stuff!

Shoes: all about the boots again ladies! Thigh high, booties/ankle, lace-up, flat, riding, cowboy, suede, leather, dressy, casual. You get the picture. Boots not up your alley? The ballet flat is still going strong as are platform stilettos.

Denim: flared, ripped/distressed, skinny, and jeggings are big current styles. Stick with a dark wash, more slimming. Skip the bling-bling jeans...they are on the way out.

Blazers: a great staple. Put with leggings to dress them up or add a masculine feel to a floral dress.

Shop your closet for these items from last 2 seasons: plaid shirt, floral print, ruffles, over the knee boots, leather, lace, nautical stripes, chunky pearl necklaces, flower broaches, feather earrings. Don't be caught in these though: super short dresses, shoulder pads, tie dye/acid washed jeans, sparkly leggings, or anything neon.

No matter what remember these famous words by Coco Chanel: "Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." The question is: what is happening in your life that can be expressed via fashion? Think about it while you shop your closet. Layer that striped tank top with a cardigan or jacket and pair it with leggings and boots....just an idea to get you started. Let's get creative girls!

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